Non–Surgical Face Lift

My Techniques
My non–surgical face lift is a series of ten treatments over the course of eight weeks. This amount of time is necessary for your body to retain its new structure.
Thermology, used in conjunction with acupuncture, increases the flow of blood and energy to the collagen level and contracts the layers beneath the surface. The application of heat speeds up and maintains treatment results for a longer period of time.
Searching for a More Youthful Look?
* Don’t want to risk the complications of surgery?
* Don’t want to inject poison into your face?
* Don’t like the lines you see on your face?
* Don’t like sagging lids? Baggy eyes?
There is an Alternative to Surgery
* Acupuncture resets muscle tone
* Acupuncture relaxes muscles that cause wrinkles around the mouth and eyes
* Acupuncture strengthens muscles that hold up eye lids and facial structure
* Acupuncture causes your body to bring its own fluids to facial areas
* Acupuncture reduces the appearance of fine lines
* Acupuncture revitalizes skin tone
Acupunture Face Lift Concepts
Facial rejuvenation treatments improve the skin and muscle tone. They brighten the face and eyes, bringing body fluids to lines and wrinkles, reducing their depth and appearance.
The human body’s goal is to maintain homeostasis
“the way it is — is the way it wants to be.”.
In bringing fluid to the face, the body tries to clear it out — if repeated consistently over several weeks, the body learns that the extra fluid is the homeostatic condition and will try to maintain it.
Acupuncture Face Lift Treatments
Treatment focuses on 20 of the 56 muscles in the face.
It is actually the MOTOR POINT of the muscle that we are treating.
With the proper manipulation, we are trying to:
  1. ‘Reset’ the muscle
  2. Strengthen a weak muscle
  3. Relaxing overly contracted muscles
  4. Relax the tension causing the lines
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