baby feet Congratulations. You have begun your most difficult job.

The next 81/2 months may take you through nausea, cravings, mood swings, aches and pains, sleepless nights … and the wonder of something growing inside you – tossing and turning, feeling and then seeing arms, legs and butts polk movement through your growing abdomen.

The next 8 months have acupuncture treatments to help tonify (strengthen) your (and the fetus’s) growing body systems.

The medication free needles can help with nausea, head aches and back pain without endangering the pregnancy.

There are ways that may calm “restless fetus syndrome” — the oriental medical diagnosis of threatened miscarriage.

Relaxation points have been known to help you sleep.

Beautiful Baby Points

At the end of each trimester of pregnancy, there is a single point on the leg which is needled with a GOLD needle. According to tradition this action removes womb toxins and assures the birth of a beautiful baby.

Correcting birth position

In the 9th month, if the fetus is not in the correct presentation position, there is a simple protocol to “correct the baby” I will teach you how to use moxa on an area of the little toe known to reposition the baby. In some cases, this is enough to avoid a “C” section delivery.


Labor — now the hard work begins.

Acupuncture can speed up contractions without causing fetal distress. Points which have been avoided during the pregnancy can now be used to make each contraction more productive without making them more painful.

Teaching the birth assistant, or father, where and how to use these points has a big advantage – it gives the person something real and useful to do while actually helping the process along. You are both participating in the birth of your offspring.

We’ve got you home, now what do we do with you?

A mother’s suggestions — but not from your mother. Easier to listen to and no one gets insulted if you don’t choose to follow the advice.