Chinese Herbal formulas have been used for over 2000 years and have been effective healing tools without the side effects of western medications. Chinese herbology includes the use of specific Chinese herbs (from 4-12) in formulas which facilitate the healing process. Although these formulas smell like the earth (many herbs are plant based) and sometimes taste “funny” – they are particularly helpful in speeding the healing – or – in many cases, being the healing treatment. There are formulas (some over 2500 years old) which help prevent miscarriages for women who have no trouble getting pregnant but have not been able to carry to term. Others help correct the problem/s (Oriental Medical diagnosis) which prevent conception in the first place. There are formulas which help the body clear itself of Kidney Stones, others heal the thyroid (eliminate goiter and reestablish a working thyroid gland). Still other formulas have been known to reduce the size of fibroids and cysts. And others which speed the healing of wounds and bones. One formula enhances the immune system –  and truly prevents illness. I recommend herbs only when I feel they can help the problem and return the patient to optimal health.