Oriental Medical view of early miscarriage:

Miscarriage: the untimely – but natural – termination of a pregnancy.

Medical reasons for a miscarriage range from trauma and chromosomal abnormalities to “unknown” factors.

An Oriental Medical diagnosis would be needed to confirm a cause of the “unknown” factors, but one reason for the lack of ability to maintain a pregnancy is “Spleen QI” deficiency.

What this means is that the “spleen” system (not connected to the western concept of the spleen organ) has a responsibility for holding “things” in place. When this system is weak, the body does not have the strength to securely hold the developing fetus and a premature birth –miscarriage – results.

Other examples might be a hernia, leaky bladder or spider veins. Again, a weak spleen system results in organ prolapse or body fluids leaking.

Acupuncture (and Chinese herbal formulas, when the MD agrees) uses points on the body or body representations (ear, scalp, hand) to strengthen the spleen system’s holding capacity.

Several of my patients who had habitually miscarried, and who continued to have acupuncture throughout their pregnancy, delivered a healthy baby at term.

At each month of pregnancy, acupuncture can also help strengthen the fetus developing system as well as maintaining the mother’s health.

At the end of each trimester, a gold needle helps eliminate “womb toxins” and clears the way for continued healthy fetal development.

Miscarriage can be devastating – acupuncture can help.