Dry eyes — from a blocked tear duct or a lack of moisture in your body, create a feeling of ”sand“ in your eye, pain or itching.

Acupuncture points can increase the circulation of body fluids to the eye helping alleviate the uncomfortable feelings. Specific points near the eye unblock the tear duct allowing a better flow of tears to bathe the eye. Points on the fingers, ears and forehead also focus the body’s attention on the eye and create a healing modality.

If you are dehydrated, try to drink water with a splash of lemon juice (unsweetened) in sips (not more than 4oz at a time) throughout the day.

This continuous intake of fluid allows your body to use it to moisten organ systems as well as allow for adequate urination and moist bowels. The goal is to have your body relearn how to moisten itself rather than just use irritants to create moisture as a response.

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