If getting pregnant is not the problem, but staying pregnant is – there may be help for you in Oriental Medical treatment.

Acupuncture points and herbal formulas have helped several of my patients carry a pregnancy to term after several miscarriages.

While I usually see patients after several failed IVF attempts – and sometimes only just pre and post transfer – there are patients I see for other reasons and the miscarriage issue comes up as a matter of health during the intake or follow up treatment sessions.

These women had no trouble getting pregnant and were not involved in any western treatment modality. Having had success with Oriental Medicine for other issues, they were willing to try acupuncture and herbal formulas before the western doctors could express concern.

During an intake or treatment, Oriental medical procedures can frequently identify a weakness in body systems that might impact on the ability to carry a fetus to term. And the weakness can be treated even if takes several weeks. From our perspective, poor nutrition can weaken the pelvic area, stress can block circulation and fear can affect energy levels – all necessary for a developing fetus.

A wanted pregnancy, (naturally or with medical assistance), is a sign of health and hope for the future. The woman looks forward to the time (after nausea) when she will see the ultra sound of the development – see and hear the heartbeat and feel movement. All signs that things are growing at their proper time.

Miscarriages – no matter what the reason – have deep effects on the no longer pregnant woman.

Most miscarriages happen after a woman is able to confirm that she is pregnant – and if the condition becomes chronic – stress and fear until that previous date is past affect any future attempts. The fear is normal and most understandable. It is not, however, helpful in helping to maintain the next pregnancy.

Oriental Medicine can help diagnose and treat the cause of chronic miscarriages. There are acupuncture points to strengthen QI (energy) in the systems responsible for “holding things in place” and calming the mind so stress becomes less detrimental.

There are Chinese Herbal formulas specifically designed to “calm a restless fetus” (the description of miscarriage in the texts). The formulas have been used in China and other countries for centuries and the herbs used are safe even during pregnancy. The herbs need to be prescribed by a Nationally certified herbal practitioner.

Some of the women I have treated have taken a formula during the “break” from Western procedures.

Although there are no guarantees that any pregnancy will end with a live birth, there are ways to help achieve that end.

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Good luck and good health.