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Too Many Antibiotics
Recent articles in the New York Times report on the negative effects of the overuse of antibiotics.
How can one reduce the likelihood of illness, cure the ear ache and maintain health without the use of these medications?
Too Many Risks
Years after the FDA’s approval, new complications have been uncovered for several medications.
Progesterone and estrogen, recommended to alleviate the symptoms of menopause, have new warnings connected their use with cancer.
A growing list of drugs are all the subjects of class-action lawsuits or have been withdrawn from the market.
These are some of a growing list:
Accutane Bextra Celebrex Serzone Vioxx
During elective plastic surgical procedures, several women did not survive the procedure. This is a high price to pay for the sake of recapturing “youth.” What’s a woman to do?
Too Much Stress
Stress is now recognized as one of the leading causes of heart diseases, digestive and bowel disorders, headache and hypertension and other psychological and physiological problems. If you do not choose to be on western medications, what can you do to relieve the cause and alleviate the symptoms?
An Ancient Alternative
An alternative choice for these problems can be found in Traditional Oriental Medicine.
These 4000+ year old techniques, acupuncture and herbal formulas, have allowed the body to regain balance, restore circulation to reduce the signs of aging, stop pain, reduce stress, and awaken lazy immune systems.