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Acupuncture for Weight Management: A Holistic Approach

Hello, I’m Phyllis Shapiro.

Weight management is a challenge for many of my patients.

Are you struggling to lose weight, or maintain a healthy weight?

Weight management is a journey that requires a supportive and holistic approach.

How do you manage your weight?

Understanding the Issue

Weight management isn’t just about cutting calories or hitting the gym. It’s about making permanent changes to your lifestyle.

Stress, emotional eating, and an imbalance in our body systems can significantly impact our ability to manage weight effectively.

For many, food becomes more than nourishment—it turns into a comfort for the heart, a way to ease loneliness, or a means to soothe anger and depression.

How Acupuncture Can Help

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas work harmoniously with your body’s natural systems to ensure they function optimally.

By strengthening your digestive system, you can achieve complete nourishment from the foods you eat and avoid food stagnation. When your body systems are balanced and running at full speed, you will find you feel full with less food.

It’s common to have tried various methods without achieving your desired results. Turning to acupuncture can help you reach a state of health and balance, both in your weight and overall well-being.

What to Expect During Treatment

During your first visit, we will conduct a thorough intake and evaluation. Then, I will insert needles at specific points for about 20 minutes to stimulate your body’s energy flow.

Additionally, I may place a few small seeds on auricular points to support you through the week.

You will also learn some breathing exercises and massage techniques to enhance the treatment’s effectiveness.

Practical Tips for Weight Management

Beyond acupuncture, here are some practical tips to help you manage your weight effectively:

Let’s Start Your Weight Management Journey

If you’re ready to take the next step in your weight management journey, I invite you to visit my office. Together, we can work towards achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

I provide the best treatment I can to every patient.

Please call my office at 212-262-7448 to schedule an appointment.  — Phyllis Shapiro

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Warm regards,
Phyllis Shapiro