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Unfortunately, there is no instant cure for weight issues.

Managing your weight always involves making permanent changes in your lifestyle.

Oriental medicine, including Acupuncture and herbal formulas, work with your body systems, to ensure optimal functions. Oriental medicine can tonify or strengthen your digestive system so you get complete nourishment from the foods you eat and avoid food stagnation. When your body systems are balanced and at full “speed,” you will find you are “full” with less food.

Food is not just nourishment for the cells in our body. For most of us, food has taken on other roles; we use it to nourish our heart, ease our loneliness, soothe our anger and mollify our “depression.” Most of us need to form a new relationship with food and learn to handle the other issues in a healthy way.

In deciding to use this medicine, you have probably tried many other methods but have not reached or maintained your goal. Congratulations for turning to a process which will help you achieve health and balance in your life and weight.

After an initial intake and evaluation, needles will be inserted for about 20 minutes.

A few small “seeds” may be placed on auricular points to help you through the week.

You will be taught some breathing exercises or massage techniques to help.

TIPS: Become aware of when and why you are eating
Keep a diary: note hunger level, your thoughts and your mood
When you are hungry, have something to eat
Have an acceptable snack and water with you at all times