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Why We Age

Why we age

If we are lucky enough to keep celebrating birthdays, we age. Our bones grow, break, heal; we get taller, heavier and stronger. Our minds expand as we learn and share experiences.

Along with increasing the number of candles on the cake, we gain wisdom and maturity. Some of us get to watch our children and grandchildren grow. Others get to enjoy the world and all its pleasures and gifts.

There is joy and pleasure in aging. But, there comes a time when the process is reflected in less than pleasing ways. As we age, the body we worked so hard to tone up — begins to drop, a bit. The glow of youth in our skin and face seems to drain away. Years of smiling leave lines around our mouths that trap the shadows — the lines of “concern” around our eyes deepen and hide the sparkle – skin drops, muscles lose tone and we are not as pleased with the face we see in the mirror.

The face has a representation of the entire body on it. And so, some of the changes we see on our faces are the result of imbalances in our body systems. According to Eastern Medicine — if you have brownish tone to the “bags” beneath the eyes, it is a “liver system” problem — if the tone is black, the “kidney system” needs to be looked at. A red face may reflect “stomach” heat which needs to be cleared. Stress is often responsible for an aging appearance.

When we address both the natural loss of body fluids, loss of muscle tone and internal causes of facial changes, we can use acupuncture to restore a youthful glow to the skin, fill in the lines and creases and reestablish tone in the facial muscles.

Acupuncture leaves you with sparkling, expressive eyes, vibrant skin, fewer facial lines and the look of health. Most of the people who receive facial treatments report that by the fourth visit all their friends are asking them if they have had “work” (surgery) done. They can honestly say “no!”

The process:
Acupuncture “face-lift” is a series of 10–12 sessions. This amount of time is necessary to retrain your body to retain fluid in the face (filling out creases) and circulation to the skin (tone and texture). Very fine gauge needles are used to bring your own body fluid to fill in creases and ease the muscle tension that cause the furrows between the eyes.

In addition, I use a “micro-therm” machine which allows heat to be used. Heat increases the amount of fluid brought to the area and causes a slight tightening of the skin beneath the surface – in combination, lines are reduced and retention time prolonged.

After the initial series, follow-up treatments once a month are recommended to keep the new facial structure in place.