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What is Stress?

Stress is the effect of events on our minds and bodies. All events are potential stressors if we are in an unprotected state of mind. Our upbringing and past injuries frequently determine how we respond to stress.

When a patient comes to me for treatment, I ask how does your stress manifest itself? Responses are varied: my neck and shoulders, digestive issues, headache, and other joint and body aches.

When I ask how do you handle your stress? Responses also vary: from food, alcohol, anger and rage to becoming quiet, sad and depressed.

Acupuncture treatment can address any of the responses without needing to know the cause. This is a non–judgemental medicine. If you hurt, it doesn’t matter what caused the pain, acupuncture can restore movement of Qi, Xue, and Fluid to the area and relieve the pain. Acupuncture makes it possible to look at the cause and learn a new way of handling that stressor.

Treating Stress is important

Stress is the one of the most frequent causes of illness and pain. A restless or angry mind inhibits the ability to get a full night’s rest or a full intake of oxygen into the lungs. This, in turn, hinders the body’s ability to heal itself and be strong enough to resist other stressors or airborne illnesses.

How we handle stress is an indication of how we handle the world. It is important that we handle both from a position of balance and strength.

How does Acupuncture work?

Needles are inserted in points that restore balance, calm the mind and ease pain. Most patients experience a relaxing feeling during acupuncture sessions. In many instances, calming the mind and allowing for proper sleep is all that is needed.

My background as a counselor allows me to suggest alternative ways of responding to the stressors so that they no longer have a negative physical effect on the patient.