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Why questions and answers?
My patients arrive in my office with some complaint. Frequently, the first time anyone calls me is after there has been an unresolved issue or pain and several visits to western medical personnel. There is some surprise at the line of questions asked in an oriental medical intake even if the problem appears to be simply joint pain.
An explanation of the problem, from my medical perspective, can be confusing to anyone not at all familiar with any medical system other than the western or “allopathic” one. Many questions follow – and I attempt to explain why and how the medicine I choose to administer encourages the body to heal.
I have been told that my answers are so clear — why don’t you blog or answer questions on line? I still resist the on line world! I am much more interested in the practice of medicine than in spending my time writing answers when I am not face to face with a patient and able to take a pulse or see a tongue or palpate a body. But, in response to those who have made this request, I am attempting to enlighten those who want to know more about oriental medicine.
I do not get to the computer daily. I will get to questions within a week if I am in town. If I do not respond, please be patient and write again. I will get to you.
Any information given here is very general and not intended to diagnosis or treat your condition. If you have a problem and want to use this medical modality, please call my office to set up an appointment or find a practitioner near you who is well trained and can see you for the evaluation and treatment.
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