Although I do not feel it, society tells me I am on the brink of being a “senior” citizen. As such, many of my friends are also in this category. We are facing the health issues that come with the privilege of aging.

Women come for treatment for menopause, brittle bones and the wrinkles that time has etched on their faces. Men come for libido and prostate problems.

A man I love was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had successful surgery. Going through this with him, we discussed many issues.

In an effort to help those who may be faced with a decision on this matter, I worked up this survey. I have tried to cover aspects of the decision and life issues that may affect both the patient and the loved one.

Life is always the choice.

What happens after this type of life changing event is different for each person.

The information sources are confidential – the results of the survey will be made available as soon as there are a significant number of responders.

I thank each of you for your willingness to share your deepest fears and highest hopes.

I understand that the data collected on this survey will be made available to those seeking information on prostate cancer treatment and recovery. This may be done as a publication or e-publication. All responses are the property of Phyllis Shapiro.
My name (or initials) will only be included with my specific permission. If I include a narrative, my story may be used, in whole or in part, as part of the publication data.
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