Best of New York
May 4, 1998
Beauty & Health
Page 104
Relax, Already!
Despite its mellow connotations, relaxation therapy is a serious business at spas and gyms and salons across town. So if your feel your fists clench every time Joan Rivers shrieks, "That color is you", consider experimenting with some of these newfangled services. But don't roll your eyes when your practitioner starts talking about "centering" or "channeling your life force." It'll all be over in an hour.
Phyllis M. Shapiro, a licensed acupuncturist, asks her clients where they "hold tension," then slides a dozen or so needles into the relevant pressure points along their ears. I barely felt a prick, but within minutes my ears were throbbing painlessly, and my head seemed to bloom into La La Land. The world was deliciously far Mike Albo
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