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Old Medicine

4000+ year old Eastern/Oriental medicine is a modality now recognized in the West for its healing abilities.

According to this medicine, the principle of health revolves around the flow of Qi (energy), Xue (blood) and Fluid in the body. These circulate through meridians (pathways).

Twelve regular meridians exist on each side of the body. Eight extras plus 1 up the center front, 1 up the center back and a belt meridian at the waist also provide pathways for the flow.

Meridians connect at various points; body systems nourish each other.

Health, or function, needs meridians open to the smooth flow of Qi, Xue and Fluid.

Disease, or dysfunction, is having a blocked flow.

This holistic medicine recognizes that any assault to the body, physical or emotional, affects the entire person. For example, if one has a pain in the heart (physical or emotional), it is hard for the mind (thinking), stomach (digestion) or lung (breathing) to function effectively.

A Chinese medical saying summarizes the concept of pain:

Where there is no movement, there is pain.

Where there is movement, there is no pain.

The goal of the practitioner is to determine the cause of the illness or pain, free the flow of Qi, and restore balance to the body.

Diagnosis is accomplished thru questions and answers, palpation of the pulse and body, and looking at the tongue and general appearance of the patient. Then, appropriate treatment is determined and administered.

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