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Life Concepts I

I would like to share concepts which have taken me 60+ years to formulate.

The Wave Concept

I am standing on Earth where land and ocean meet – aware that the situation is constantly changing. The forces of nature – time and tide, underwater volcanos and earthquakes, cause waves to continuously hit the beach and me.

The meeting of land and sea can be calm and peaceful or forceful and tempestuous.

The day is hot; to cool off, I walk into the water, and the waves come at me.

Decision time: How to “take” the waves.

For me, the options are:

  • Hold my breath and swim through the wave
  • Take a breath and ride on top of the wave – OR-
  • Fight the wave and wind up tossed, landing with my face in the sand.

I hate the feeling of sand in my mouth and nose, so I prefer going through or over the wave.

No matter which method I choose, the only guarantee is that another wave will hit me in a few moments – offering me the opportunity to make yet another decision.

The waves will keep coming.

Waves are life’s experiences. They can be stressors or just events that happen.

When I am feeling strong and at peace with myself, they are just events – I let them pass over me or ride them.

When I am feeling insecure and vulnerable, the wave destroys me; I take it and the consequences too seriously.

Knowing I have the ability to make a new decision with each wave, I have become more peaceful with life events. They are, after all, just things that happen.

My responsibility to myself is to stay balanced through the process.

Like waves, life happens; Like waves, life passes.

Waves and events will keep happening.

I take them all as a ride, I am at peace with myself.