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How to Stop Smoking

Acupuncture to Stop Smoking

Acupuncture has become well known as a safe and effective treatment in the effort to stop smoking and relieve the stress of withdrawal.
The biggest factor in kicking the habit is the person’s commitment to the process. The addiction is physiological, emotional and psychological. There are usually many years of habits that need to be changed for success.
Acupuncture makes the withdrawal easier. The physical addiction is stopped with fewer symptoms — but there is still a challenge — relearning how to handle stress, have a cup of coffee, or relax.
Fine gauge needles are inserted into points of the body to counter withdrawal discomforts including agitation and sleeplessness. The needles are left in place for 20 minutes. After they are removed, small beads will be placed on ear points to maintain the effect until the next treatment.
Acupuncture will help balance your body systems and increase your energy — allowing you to stay healthy and be more active. Acupuncture treatments usually leave you calmer.
Most people take an initial 3 session series to start the process. For some, this is enough. Other patients have additional treatments until the urge is gone — or return for a “booster” when they are stressed out.
Suggestions may be made about taking some Chinese teas to help the detoxification process — and you will be taught some breathing exercises to strengthen you lungs.
Throw away all cigarettes
Tell everyone you are quitting
Avoid the places where you used to smoke
Pick up the phone with the other hand
Keep a list — what are your triggers — mood, hunger, fatigue
Drink water with a slice of lemon in it
Press on the ear beads