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Understanding Early Miscarriages Through the Lens of Oriental Medicine

The Natural, Yet Untimely End of Pregnancy

Miscarriages, the natural but untimely end of a pregnancy, can have various medical causes. These range from trauma and chromosomal abnormalities to factors that remain unidentified. But what happens when these reasons are marked as "unknown"?

The Oriental Medical Perspective

Oriental Medicine offers insights into these "unknown" factors through specialized diagnosis. Often, it points to a deficiency in what is known as "Spleen QI."

The Role of Spleen QI in Pregnancy

In Oriental Medicine, the "spleen" system plays a crucial role in holding things in place within the body. This concept is distinct from the Western anatomical spleen. A deficiency in Spleen QI implies the body lacks the strength to maintain a pregnancy, leading to miscarriage. This principle also applies to conditions such as hernias, leaky bladders, or spider veins, where a weakened spleen system results in prolapses or leaks.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology: A Path to Healing

Acupuncture, alongside Chinese herbal formulas (with approval from a medical doctor), targets specific points to bolster the spleen's capacity to sustain. Patients with a history of miscarriages, who have received acupuncture throughout their pregnancy, have successfully carried to term.

Supporting Pregnancy Month by Month

Acupuncture doesn't just aim to prevent miscarriage. It also supports the fetus's development and the mother's health throughout pregnancy. Additionally, the use of a gold needle at the end of each trimester can help eliminate "womb toxins," paving the way for the fetus's continued healthy growth.

Beyond Miscarriage: The Promise of Acupuncture

The emotional impact of miscarriage cannot be understated.

Acupuncture offers not just a means of physical support, but also a beacon of hope for those affected.

Acupuncture presents a pathway towards healing and the successful carrying of a pregnancy to term.

Phyllis Shapiro, with her expertise in acupuncture and Chinese Herbology in midtown Manhattan, has witnessed the transformative power of Oriental Medicine.

Many patients have found hope and a solution in the face of the heartache of miscarriages.

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