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Chinese Herbology

A Tradition of Healing

For over two millennia, Chinese Herbal Formulas have stood the test of time as effective healing tools. These ancient remedies, rooted in a tradition spanning more than 2000 years, offer a natural alternative to the often harsh side effects associated with Western medications.

Phyllis Shapiro, an expert in acupuncture and Chinese Herbology, brings this age-old wisdom to her patients in the heart of midtown Manhattan, near Columbus Circle.

The Essence of Chinese Herbology

At the core of Chinese Herbology lies the art of blending specific herbs, typically ranging from four to twelve, into powerful formulas. These combinations are not random but are carefully crafted to target and facilitate the body’s healing process.

Despite their earthy aroma and unusual taste—a reminder of their plant-based origins—these formulas are renowned for their efficacy. They don’t just aid in recovery; in many cases, they are the recovery.

Tailored Remedies for Diverse Needs

What truly sets Chinese Herbal Formulas apart is their ability to address a wide range of health issues with precision. Consider the ancient formulas that support women through pregnancy, aiding those who can conceive but face challenges in carrying to term.

Or the specialized blends designed to tackle fertility issues, clearing the path to conception by addressing underlying health imbalances.

Beyond Fertility

The reach of these formulas extends well into general health and specific conditions.

They offer natural solutions for dissolving kidney stones, healing the thyroid, and reducing fibroids and cysts. Their benefits don’t stop there; some enhance the immune system to such an extent that they prevent illness before it starts.

Phyllis Shapiro: Guiding You to Optimal Health

Phyllis Shapiro’s approach to Chinese Herbology is one of careful consideration and expertise.

I recommend herbs only when I believe they can genuinely resolve the issue and restore the patient’s health to its peak. — Phyllis Shapiro

Her practice is not just about treating symptoms but about nurturing overall well-being and vitality.

In the bustling environment of midtown Manhattan, Phyllis offers a sanctuary of healing. Her deep understanding of Chinese Herbology, combined with the transformative power of acupuncture, provides a holistic path to health that honors the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Embrace the Healing Journey

Embarking on a healing journey with Phyllis Shapiro means tapping into an ancient wellspring of knowledge, tailored to meet the modern world’s health challenges. It is about embracing a holistic approach to health, where balance and harmony are not just ideals but achievable realities.

Discover the transformative power of Chinese Herbology and how it can guide you back to optimal health. Visit Phyllis Shapiro’s office in midtown Manhattan and experience the gentle, effective healing of these time-honored remedies.

I provide the best treatment I can to every patient.

Please call my office at 212-262-7448 to schedule an appointment.  — Phyllis Shapiro